and now an accident

Hey guys, most of you are aware that coming home from Sams Cancer treatment in Houston on Friday we were involved in a car accident. First Sam is fine, I was transported to what is basically an urgent care in Sulpher LA. They didn’t have an MRI machine or people to read their xrays. So it took a good while. I fractured my sacrum and of course my fragile spine was already a hobbled together jenga block. Well it kinda fell apart a little bit. But there’s nothing anyone can do but a Nuerosurgeon and I aint got time for that. Sams car is really messed up. We were at a dead stop and were rear ended. I was not “with it” enough at the accident to help Sam, she was on her own, they took me by ambulance and left her to drive with her pic line hanging out in a messed up car. She found me, we got copies of their tests, I turned down their meds, we found a hotel and stayed the night. The insurance was unable to locate a mechanic or a car rental place and advised us to “try” and make it the remaining 4 hour drive home. With Sams might, she beat that bumper back on and we slammed the wonky hatch and made it home. She’s on chemo again so it’s really hard on her. Once I did get home last night, I took ALL the medicines that I had refused for 24 hours so we could get home. Lloyd asked that no one text me last night or earlier today so I could try to rest and get the pain levels down to a respectable 8. I’m just not the nicest human on the planet when I’m over 8. Today I feel like I went to the gym and worked out really really hard, then on the way to my car was hit by a truck. Even more decrease of use on left side with an impressive amount of pain to just move left fingers. So as before, I wont be typing on my phone. Please call me, or when I limp, scoot, drag myself to a computer I will type. I will call my Dr first thing in the morning right after I call the car insurance people. I am so anxious to find out this mess. I really can’t believe they couldn’t help people traveling, who were hurt, and we will be discussing that tomorrow in addition to the car that I don’t think will make it back to Texas on Tuesday without some magic wand. The important part is we are ok. The young man who hit us was absolutely shaken to the core. He had just got off work, we were on Alt 90 in Sulpher near the Industrial area. He had on a uniform. He was so upset he climbed in the car to hold my hand until the ambulance got there. He kept apologizing, and explained his boot slipped off and crammed the gas instead of the break. He was in a little older model toyota, so I could totally see that, you know how close the pedals are, and he was a very tall, bigger build young man, You know he’s a good boy because he told me he needed to call his momma and daddy because he’d never even spoken to a police man before. His car was for sure totaled. you could see the back of his dashboard from the front, his hood was a “V” shape. His car was billowing smoke/steam. Sams Nissan appeared to hold up good, to the “naked eye” the bumper came off and is broken and pushed in, the hatch doesnt close all the way on one side, the body is cracked over both rear tires. We were forced to try and drive it, by the insurance and lack of resources in the rural area which we were hit. But I honestly don’t think it was road worthy, we had to go slow and be very careful, we stopped a couple times to put the bumper back up so it didn’t drag the interstate and to check the tires, since tire lights are flashing and then staying on. We had a rotation and tire check up on Thursday. So there shouldn’t be a problem. But it’s almost like your driving on a flat, the slower you go the bigger the bump, things visibly shake and sway in the car. Sam restarted chemo on Wed thru her pic. She finished her IV antibiotics last night from the last hospitalization. But there’s nothing on anyones schedule to take out the pic or put the port it, we know she has chemo scheduled on Wed In Houston at MD Anderson, but she doesn’t have a port, and the pic line really needs to come out, it’s an infection risk and it’s not being used anymore, I guess Md Anderson thinks we just live in their paid parking lot, and can hop up and run when they do decide to tell us something. In fairness that’s what we’ve done since March so they probably expect it, but now things are a lot more complicated. Transportation is now an issue. My physical ability is a much more huge issue, I’m in need of a caregiver instead of being hers. We aren’t sure how we are going to solve things, and truthfully we don’t know what we need to solve. If anyone wants to come argue with health insurance, or car insurance, or cook dinner, or do dishes, or hold my hand while I scream, or stand at the door with a sling shot and shoot pills in my mouth every five minutes, you are certainly welcome. I thought I’d never say it but , Thankfully there’s only 1 shirt order this week that needs delivery. Sams not feeling great, Chemo sucks, especially this experimental stuff. I can’t get to her 3rd floor apartment. So that sucks. Her room mate is a teacher and goes back to work soon or already is. I don’t know. If she gets too bad, she can come here, Lloyd or Alex can go get her, and she can have my room, I’m not sure if she still has the home health nurse or not. I’m absolutely not even sure when appointments are this week, what they are for who is taking her or how. But it will all come into light, and happen just how it’s supposed to like it has since march when this all started. I’m sorry to everyone I haven’t answered. I’m sorry I don’t have solid information. I’m sorry all this is happening. Trust me, if you hate hearing it, We hate living it even more. You guys have been rocks. My solid support. My fuel to keep me going. I’m just not doing peachy right now. I’m not sure where your sacrum is, but I can tell you that I hurt from my split ends to my toenails. Most of it will get better and I will get more function back and less pain, it’s just going to take a little bit. I’m sure I will be peachy again, for those of you who’ve known me a long time, You already know I’m a zombie so I will keep going. parts falling off, right now it’s best I stick to paperwork and phone calls. Trust me when I tell you there’s enough of that for 8 full times admins. Much love, all the 1 armed hugs you can stand. kisses from a far, Thanks for checking on me and us. We got this. just another speed bump. You guys are awesome and we are so thankful to have such awesome friends.  ya Peach out.