OMG now Sepsis!

Sam has had to fight another hurdle thown at her.  Friday, July 5th 2019 was supposed to be a fun day for Sam and her family. A weekend camping trip (well in a cabin) was planned. Some fun at the water park, maybe some fishing.


That was not to be. On Friday morning Sam was awoken by Banshee her cat. She felt terrible with chills and a fever. Her roommate, following the doctors cancer protocol for fever in chemo patients rushed her to the ER.  She was admitted and thus a week long hospitalization began.

At times running a fever up to 104 degrees they diagnosed her with Sepsis. Blood cultures determined the infection was a type of Staph (s.aureus) in her blood. Around the clock IV’s of multiple antibiotics were administered. Doctors believed the infection vector was via her surgically implanted Chemo port. It was removed.

After it was removed on July 8th her improvement was rapid.

A PICC line was put in place to facilitate IV antibiotics now that the Port was removed.

Finally discharged on July 12th and sent home where she is still receiving IV antibiotics via Home Health nurses and self administered.

This really was a near death experience. As a chemo patient with a compromised immune system if there had been a delay in her receiving medical care the outcome could have been much worse.   But Sam’s a real fighter and has recovered much of her strength. An will be traveling to MD Anderson Monday or Tuesday.